Salesforce 15 to 18 digit IDs Converter

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Salesforce 15 digit IDs

Salesforce 18 digit IDs

Steps to Convert Salesforce 15 to 18 digit IDs:

  1. Fill the left box with proper 15 digit Salesforce Id
  2. Multiple IDs should be separated with newline and must not have any blank space.
  3. Click on Convert Salesforce IDs to convert the ID
  4. “Enter 15 digit IDs” and “Results” button will refresh the page if any values is present.

Note: Incase you are copying entire excel column, make sure to remove blankspace from after the last 15digit ID

Salesforce Unique IDs

Salesforce uses unique record IDs for each entity in Salesforce. These record IDs are very important to distinguish records and perform operations on them. Salesforce uses either 15 digit or 18 digits to recognize records. The main difference between 15 and 18 digit IDs is 15 digit record id is case sensitive and 18 digit Salesforce record id is case insensitive. 

  • 15 digit case-sensitive version is visible in browser and also referenced in the UI.
  • 18 digit case-insensitive IDs are referenced through the API

The last 3 digits of the 18 digit Id is a checksum of the capitalization of the first 15 digits, this 18 digit Id length was created as a workaround to the legacy system which was not compatible with 15 digit case-sensitive Ids. The API will take the 15 digit Id as input but will always return the 18 digit Id. These IDs are created at the time of record creation.

Convert IDs using Formula Fields

  1. Go to Setup–> Quick Find–> Object –> “Custom Fields & Relationships”
  2. Create a new field of type Formula.
  3. Enter field name and labels
  4. Select Formula return type as text
  5. Enter the formula: CASESAFEID(Id)
  6. Set the FLS and page visibility 
  7. click Save.

With this simple formula field created, Developer can make use of 18-digit Salesforce Id for any API or DML activities.